The ArchieSwap protocol is an open source peer-to- peer decentralized exchange.


Liquidity pools

Liquidity pools are token pairs stored in an ArchieSwap pool contract. They allow users to swap against the tokens within a pool.


Automated Market Maker

This smart contract manages liquidity pools. It allows for automated and permissionless token swaps. It is also known as an AMM or a Constant Function Market Maker.

Our History

When we launched the original Archie Token on ERC20, our goal was to look after our holders as best we could. But with the volatility in the crypto market, we were unable to achieve this, and our chart has suffered.

We decided as a community to follow our original road map and launch our own layer 1 POS blockchain. This will not only mean we will be independent from ERC20, but it will also help in supporting our upcoming metaverse (Archie Meta).

Our aim is to step away from the current crypto ideology of making profit from holders' investments and move towards a revenue-based system. The way it stands at the moment holders can be hurt financially by hype, pump and dumps or whales.

The demand for services provided in Archie Metaverse will drive the value of Archie coin independent of the crypto market.

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ArchieSwap Exchange

ArchieSwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that uses the ArchieChain(ARC) ecosystem's first automatic market making mechanism (AMM DEX). ArchieSwap exchange is where standard token trades on ArchieChain(ARC) happen.

There are two kinds of users on the ArchieSwap exchange:

  • Liquidity Providers: They add their assets to the Pool.
  • Traders: They swap assets back and forth in the Pool according to the algorithm in the smart contract (Smart Contract). This is different from how the order book works on other exchanges.

AMM is a market-making system that lets buy and sell orders be carried out without going through the order book. You only need to add assets to the pool (Pool), and the orders will be filled right away. The price will be adjusted according to the smart contract's formula.

Hightlights of ArchieSwap




Why ArchieSwap?

AMMs offer advantages that help introduce many DeFi features that traditional exchanges cannot replicate. Here are a few advantages that they hold.

Increased Transparency

One of the main benefits of DEXs is the high degree of determinism achieved by using blockchain technology and immutable smart contracts.

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Increased Transparency & Non-Custodial

Traders and liquidity providers interact with DEXs directly from their crypto wallets, retaining full custodianship of their assets.

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CEXs are infamous for manipulating markets and conducting insider trading.

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Hosting DEXs is often done in a distributed manner to prevent attacks.

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Token Accessibility

Thanks to their decentralized nature, everyone can list an asset on DEXs without having to rely on a vouching or verification system operated by the platform’s owners

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Permissionless Access

The vision behind many DEXs is to have permissionless accessible, end-to-end on-chain infrastructure with no central points of failure and decentralized ownership across a community of distributed stakeholders.

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The ArchieSwap process Explained

AMMs offer advantages that help introduce many DeFi features that traditional exchanges cannot replicate. Here are a few advantages that they hold.

Step 1

Each Pool on ArchieSwap will have two types of assets, such as A and B. The liquidity provider will put in two assets at a ratio of 1:1. Get an LP token as well. This is a token that represents ownership of a portion of the assets in the Pool.

Step 2

If a trader wants to swap from A to B, he or she can put A in the Pool and get B.

Step 3

ArchieSwap currently charges 0.25% of each transaction's value as a fee.

This fee will be split:

  • 0.17% (68%) for LP (Liquidity Provider).
  • 0.08% (32%) for ArchieSwap Owner

Who uses the ArchieSwap protocol?

Liquidity Providers

Liquidity providers, or LPs, provide ARC-20 tokens to ArchieSwap liquidity pools. Large pools generate higher-volume trades with better pricing than smaller pools.

Different types of LP:

Passive LPs

Professional LPs

DeFi Pioneers

Token Projects

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There are a several categories of traders in the protocol ecosystem


Arbitrage Bots

dApp Users

Smart contracts

In all cases, trades are subject to the same flat fee for trading on the protocol. Each is important for increasing the accuracy of prices and incentivizing liquidity.

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Developers build apps and services on top of the ArchieSwap protocol. There are too many to count across the Ethereum ecosystem, but some examples include:

ArchieSwap is completely open-source.

Wallets can integrate swapping and liquidity functionality as a core offering.

DEX aggregators pull liquidity from several liquidity protocols.

Smart contract developers can invent new tools and experiment with other various ideas.

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